Longford Coachworks are specialists in the restoration of classic and vintage cars, with 18 years experience. I am happy to quote on anything from replacing a missing panel/part to a full rebuild...

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Do it once, do it right.
I firmly believe there is only one way to do a job, the right way.

Using experience gained of a range of marques including Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Bugatti, Bentley, Jaguar, Lagonda, MG, Rolls-Royce…  you can be assured you will receive the highest level of quality.

As a small business you can be confident that you and your car will receive my complete attention and the highest possible quality of work

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On receipt of the car the first step is to remove years of accumulated oil and grease. The car and chassis are thoroughly degreased and steam cleaned.

The condition of the chassis can then be assessed. It is measured and checked for damage.

It is at this point that a more accurate estimate can be given, although due to the nature of a classic car it remains an estimate.

The car is then stripped and, if necessary, the chassis is transferred to our chassis bench for correctional work.

Only when we have a solid base do we continue with the body work. This starts off with research into the car, collecting photos, drawings and, if required, viewing similar models. The build can then be planned in its entirety and it is only then that the body work can start.

The sub frame,whether ash or steel, is then repaired or  replaced if required.

The outer skin is next, either in steel or aluminium. Original panels are re-used, sympathetically repaired if possible or new panels can be produced.

With the main body complete, doors, wings and bonnet can now be added.

The rebuilt body is then removed from the chassis and the chassis is sent to be bead blasted and etch primed.

The car is then ready for a paintshop of your choice or, if required,  we can continue with the build and see it through to completion, producing a car that suits your requirements and budget.

I am a great believer in incorporating modern technologies into a rebuild which, when used correctly, are indistinguishable from the original but can produce a far better product.

With the use of modern seam sealers, under body protection and paints your car should last longer than with original period products. With your approval it is often possible to eliminate rust traps/ problem areas to help prevent future corrosion.

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I have a passion for keeping alive these old skills which allow us to perform sympathetic and accurate repairs and restoration.

All body panels, whether steel or aluminium, are gas welded as they would have been originally. However MIG and TIG do have their place and speed up a job so they are useful in batch work or where cost is a factor.

Brazing either with gas or TIG

Silver soldering as required

With the English wheel complex double curves can be produced as they were produced in their day.

Panels can be lead loaded if required as per original